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[IP] Removal + Sleeping

Hi, this is my first post to the list.  I have apparently had some bad
pump training, asmy nurse didn't talk about removing the pump and so
my first couple rounds of removing the pump (Minimed
507) have been excruciatingly painful.  It takes about 10 minutes to get
the tape off using soap, though have just heard there are some products
that aid in removing the (very sticky) tape??  Also, the second time I
took out the pump, I didnt get all the tape off first apparently because
when I tried to finally pull the cannula out, the tape stopped the cannula
when it was halfway out, and the cannula sprang back inside me on its own
(ouch!).  Any help would be appreciated, though I think the troubles will
be over when I get some tape remover.

I would also really appreciate people's tips on where they keep the pump
during sleep.  I hear there are some nightclothes you can buy, but dont
know how much they help the problem -- I tend to roll onto the pump or
just stay "mostly" awake out of consciousness that, well, there's the
pump, right there, cant move around too much.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Even with these little problems, though,
comes a great sense of relief that my bg's are so much more under control.
Miranda, Type I, DX 2/96, Pumping for 6 days!!


Ann Arbor, Michigan

What do you call two weeks of rain in Seattle?  Indian Summer.

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