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Re: [IP] Today's Dilemma

> From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
> Judy wrote:

> > Bob, I was wondering.  Does anyone besides me find the alarm, even set
> > on the loudest (3) on MM507, too low to hear?  When it goes off at
> > night, it's a miracle that I can hear it.  

> I have a Disetronic now, but never had any problems hearing the alarm on
> my 506 while sleeping. It did alarm once or twice while I was driving,
> and it was a bit hard to hear. Course, the sounds of pedestrians diving
> for cover could have drowned out the sound of the alarm ;-) What's the
> possibility that the alarm is simply not as loud as it's supposed to be?
> I wonder if there is anything that MiniMed can do to adjust the volume?

Ok, I'm almost a week behind on reading the list, but this one hit
home. I was going to ask something similar. Last Sunday (just over a week
ago), I was on a plane flight from Toronto to San Franscisco -- 6 or 7
hours long with delays. I was fine when I got on the plane, and fine when I
tested when the plane food arrived. (I had backup food, anyway.) I bolused
4 or 5 units, and ate while watching the movie.  (It's a real pleasure to
fly by myself and get to watch the movie or read or whatever I want!)

When I got up to go the bathroom, 2+ hours later, I discovered that there
had been a delivery problem and I'd only gotten the first 1.5 units of my
bolus! The delivery alarm was ringing, but I could barely hear it, even in
the bathroom without headphones on.  With headphones, I had had NO idea. I
rebolused the remaining units, plus some extra because I was now over 300
and had missed 2 hours of basal insulin. Whatever caused the delivery alarm
did not resurface. However, I was *really* annoyed.

Similarly, although delivery alarms have woken me up at night, they might
ring for several hours first. 

I wish there were a way to increase the alarm volume! 

email @ redacted

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