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[IP] southern Florida - pumpers & endo's...

Hi everyone!  I am looking for some "pumper's insight" in and around the
Miami / southern Florida area.... I have a sister (Type 1 for 17 yrs...
dx'd one yr before me!) who is considering the pump.   FINALLY(!!) -
despite continual exposure to my pumping *exuberance*, she has been slow to
come around.   <ugh - sisters!>  ;)  I promised her I would ask for help
from the most knowledgable group I know!  I am seeking recommendations for
great pump-supportive endo's in the area where she lives - Miami, Fl.
Sadly enough... the endo she is currently seeing has told her that
"although he would prescribe it..." he does not recommend it for her
because <get this>... "she is prone to severe hypoglycemia, for which she
is asymptomatic."  <I know... I know... - THAT what I SAID!!>  And luckily,
this time she is listening to me & is open to becoming an intelligent &
ASSERTIVE healthcare consumer.  She has had all the healthcare system
horror stories happen to her over the years, and unfortunately, more so
since her move to Florida & her current HMO.  (Which may also be a
stumbling block with regards to obtaining a pump, as her choice of
physicians is somewhat limited....)  If anyone has any helpful hints on
dealing with Cignus (HMO) in particular, and of course - about the Miami
endo recommendation, I/we would greatly appreciate the input!   :)

Kinds regards,
Delaine M. Wright 

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