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[IP] to all aunts and uncles 3 weeks a way and doing real good

 hi everyone 
i am doing real good and so is the baby i have 3 weeks to go and iam ready
blood suger and real good and so is my cold now all of my family is hear and
the baby room is ready just wating for tyler to come and my last vist to the
ob doc he said that he will let me carry tyler for 41weesk  and he is real
happy with my bs and how iam doing and i have not passout no more and iam glad
of that my mother lee mother are keeping a close eye on me and that are not
leting me do nothing  but jsut leting me rest  iam real big and tyler is
kicking me good and i thak he will look like his father lee was real strong
and  willing to help when ask to help the pump as made the pregnancy much ezey
and trouble free so far i have lots of work a head of me to bring tyler into
this world and i have my family and the web family and the love you have given
me and tyler i have told him all about his aunts and uncle that he will have a
web family and our family to lean on and you have need my web family that i
can lean on when i talk to yall on the web because we all have daibetes and
some have type 1 and some have type 2 but we are all in the same boat and we
need all the suport and love we can get with each other and when we can cray
and laugh and fell good with each other like i said we all are in the same
boat  i will let you know what the ob doc had to say this coming thursday at
that time i will be 38 weeks and couting down 
                         with love friends forever lisa c
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