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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

Ted, I'm not sure "hyperactive" is the right word here.  I use the same
about of H as R to drop my BG the same amount.  H just gets into the blood
faster (for reasons I've not seen or heard explained).  The H molucule does
seem less stable than R, so it is easier to denature (break down) and
become less effective a an insulin and more likely to clump.
	If anyone knows why H diffuses through the tissue and capillary
wall faster than R I'd appreciated hearing that.

<<<<<<My understanding of the situation leads me to think it's more a matter of
activity level of the different forms of insulin. Humalog is hyperactive,
compared to R, and breaks down faster as a result. When it breaks down to
a certain point it may either be less effective or more likely to clog the
infusion set or site.

Ted Quick
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