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Re: [IP] Diabetic mistaken for drunk

> >Frederick, MD-A motorist was beaten into submission and spent four days in
> >the hospital after officers mistook his diabetic condition for drunken
> >belligerence, his lawyer said Friday.
> For once I hope this guy sues and sues and sues and gets a good deal of
> money -- enough to send a very clear and distinct signal to EMTs and police
> and similar groups everywhere -- perhaps enough that people will start
> emphasizing, in training programs, the recognition of diabetics.

This story is an old chestnut isn't it... comes round every few months.
I won't comment on police brutality, but I'll state my position clearly:
the guy shouldn't have been driving while hypo. The police should have
locked him up (once his hypo was cleared).

In Britain, if you have a hypoglycemia while driving, the police
prosecute you under the same law as if you had been drunk. "Driving
while under the influence of drugs liable to affect your ability etc
etc" And that sounds fair to me. Yes, we have all had mild hypos while
driving, but at that point we are already more of a danger on the road
than a drunk. If you're seeking tight control, then it's your
responsility to test your bg before driving, and re-test as often as
necessary whilst driving. If you're prone to sudden drops, then you are
not medically fit to drive.

Here driving is in not a RIGHT. You have to PROVE that you are fit to
drive. I have to see a doctor every 3 years before my license in
renewed. He has to establish that my diabetes is well controlled, and
that I am capable of avoiding having hypos while driving.

I'm not perfect, and I do have mild hypos while driving. But I'm very
conscious that I am breaking the law, through my own carelessness, and
am a danger to others in the process.

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