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[IP] my #6.....

O'kay I have been working until 11:30 pm each night and haven't had much
energy for story telling...but I was off today so I'll tell a story.
                                   #6 - The E.R. Time warp
I was in the emergency room a few years ago because I had the flu SO
bad!!!!!  You know how it is...throwing up food if you even look at
it?!?!?  Well, we went to the ER to get Phenagran (sp), a (sick)
diabetics wonder drug (beside Viagra) - we got A LOT more than
Phenagran.  I kept telling the nurses NOT to put me in the back hall
because I could go unconscious at any moment.  Well, we know they didn't
listen to me.  I was out for the count again, don't know even how long I
was actually out for.  I was moved out to the front treatment area as I
was coming to so "they could keep an eye on me"  boy wasn't that a smart
idea on their part?!?!?!?  So what is the funny part you ask?!?!?  As I
am coming to, in a packed E.R. with blurry vision and only half my brain
working, I look over to the beds across from me and start hysterically
crying.  My mother, 2 nurses, and 2 doctors are standing around my bed.
"What is wrong?" they are all yelling.  I'm hysterically crying and
yelling, "I've died, Oh my god, I've died!!!!"  Everyone is looking at
me by now.  "What do you mean?" they keep asking me.  "I've been
reincarnated and I'm back in the 1970's", I'm yelling.  Everyone is
looking at each other like "What the heck?"   I scream... "Just
look!!!!" and point to a Dr. standing by another patient's bed oblivious
to my ranting.  He was wearing some bellbottom polyester pants, platform
shoes, fly collar silk shirt, an ugly polyester brown blazer.  Oh my god
it was hideous!!!!  I yell, "SEE!!!!  I can't do disco and I refuse to
wear bellbottoms...what am I going to do?!?  Why the 70s, why not the
60s?!?!?!?"  Everyone is trying to shut me up at this point, my mother
had peed her pants from laughing so hard, the nurses were back at the
station laughing hysterically and the doctors were trying to keep a
straight face!  I now work in the same hospital that the 1970s Dr. now
has all his patients.  If  he ever knew who I was when I was talking to
him on the phone...I'd die!!!  As the dextrose poured into my veins the
nurses kept asking me what year it was...finally I got back to the
1990s!!!!  Talk about a time I was actually embarrassed, which doesn't
happen often!!!!
 Number 5 soon...                                   -Tonya D.   :-)

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