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Hypo thoughts, was: Re: [IP] Methodology: Using pump to control Dawn Phenomenon

At 08:49 AM 6/19/98 -0400, Renee wrote:

>    It may be a cute phrase, but I hope we never have to "party with the
>paramedics"....Personally, I prefer our "tea parties at 3:00 a.m". with me,
>Melissa & the dog eagerly awaiting the crumbs she drops!!!....

I most certainly would opt for the "tea parties at 3:00 a.m.". Much more
pleasant I'm sure ;-) 

The recent threads re: hypos and hypo humor are interesting. Many of us can
still laugh and chuckle at these events, despite their severity. I guess
this beats the alternative of crying and screaming in frustration, rage and

It's interesting to compare how we handle our hypos (and those of our
children and partners) to how many Type II patients live in real "fear" of
hypos and avoid the type of tight control they really need.

Bob Burnett

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