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Re: [IP] Not under such great control

  Me, Me, Me.
  You sound just like me.  I must admit that my last HbA1c was its lowest
ever!  (drum roll), 8.9 !!!!!!  Sounded great to me in comparison to my
typical 10-13.  Only reason I can give that it came down is because I was
sitting at home healing a broken bone with nothing better to do than check
blood sugars and bolus as needed. 
  As far as the basals, I check them often by fasting as per Insulin Pumpers
book, I too seem to chase highs.  I know my carbs are right and the carb to
insulin ratio checks out per "the book".  I am glad to see that I am not the
only one who feels I am doing something wrong. 
   Thanks for writing, made me feel better. 
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