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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

email @ redacted wrote:
> John, although we are co-conspirators on this ongoing trial of the effect
> of mixing H & V, I disagree with the possible mechanism you suggested.  The
> immune system is not easy to fool.  Adding a little R or V doesn't change
> the H.  So if our T cells have learned to recognize V as a foreign
> particle, they will not be fool if a molecule of R is sitting right next to
> it.  For that reason I don't think what limits the use of a site is the
> immune system.  If indeed the cells have learned that V is foreign they
> won't take 3 or 4 days the next time.  Its the reason why immunization
> works.

Besides which, if the immune system thinks it's foreign after a certain 
amount of time in 1 refill cycle, it will ALWAYS attack the Humalog every time
it's taken from then on. Antibodies don't disappear, at least not fast, they
stay in the system to be sure whatever they had attacked is gone and not 
coming back. Some years later without any of the foreign substance appearing 
may be a different story.

> Humalog is not human insulin: it's been genetically changed slightly,
> and the body's immune system eventually decides this stuff if foreign,
> so it isolates the infusion site with antibodies, killing some of this
> foreign stuff as soon as it arrives. Hence the rise in bg's. The process
> takes a day or two to start up, by which point you have to change site
> to keep a step ahead.

My understanding of the situation leads me to think it's more a matter of
activity level of the different forms of insulin. Humalog is hyperactive, 
compared to R, and breaks down faster as a result. When it breaks down to
a certain point it may either be less effective or more likely to clog the
infusion set or site.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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