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Re: [IP] Diabetic mistaken for drunk

On 22 Jun 98 at 5:26, Michael Strong wrote:

> Frederick, MD-A motorist was beaten into submission and spent four days in
> the hospital after officers mistook his diabetic condition for drunken
> belligerence, his lawyer said Friday.
> The Sheriff's Department acknowledged deputies used a nightstick, a dog and
> pepper spray against Frederick T. Moore IV, 34, after he was stopped for
> driving erratically in his pickup around midnight June 12.
> After Moore's arrest on charges that included fleeing police, doctors told
> police that Moore was in diabetic shock, which occurs when the level of
> blood sugar becomes too low. The condition can occur in diabetics because of
> a lack of food or too much insulin or exercise.
> Both deputies are trained emergency medical technicians.  Moore's lawyer
> said they should have recognized his symptoms.
> This is from the Saturday Fayetteville (NC) Observer-Times, from Associated
> Press.

One injured person with diabetes, a whole police deparment getting 
nervous, and one very happy lawyer?  This is one of those cases where 
the lawyers get really, really happy...  and because those deputies 
are EMT's (medical professionals!) the lawyers are probably going to 
get even happier...

Randall Winchester

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