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Re: [IP] Diabetic mistaken for drunk

At 05:26 AM 6/22/98 , you wrote:
>Frederick, MD-A motorist was beaten into submission and spent four days in
>the hospital after officers mistook his diabetic condition for drunken
>belligerence, his lawyer said Friday.

For once I hope this guy sues and sues and sues and gets a good deal of
money -- enough to send a very clear and distinct signal to EMTs and police
and similar groups everywhere -- perhaps enough that people will start
emphasizing, in training programs, the recognition of diabetics.

I once pleaded and begged with a group of people, not to send the
ambulance, but simply to give me some OJ or a snack, and I would be fine
soon. Instead they sent the EMTs. The EMTs had been there for 20 minutes,
and I had finally gotten back to normal and fully cognizant, at which point
I pointed out to the EMTs the very obvious Medic Alert on my wrist. The
idiots never even noticed it, and I still got stuck with the $90 bill for
their completely useless appearance at the scene -- which was why I'd been
begging not to call for them.

That poor guy in Maryland!!!

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