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[IP] 3 weeks to befor baby comes and have a cold and bs are good

  hi everyone 
how are yall doing iam ok have a head cold and having a baby and bs have been
ok was high due to being sick am bs was 237 at 6:am and 194 at 8:am and 137 at
10:am and back up to 221 at 11:am when your are sick bs do go up and for me bs
have been up with baby on the way not much you can do and have a temp but not
high call the doc and he want  me to stay in bed and rest and drink lots of
fluids and not let bs get to or to high tyler is doing ok he is still kicking
me and doing flips and rolling around my pump is keeping the bs from going
real high and be for the pump and when i was sick bs would be over 300 and
even up to 375 so this pump will help keep the bs down some and i glad that i
have it will lee mother is an ob nurse and she is helping my mother keep an
eye on these last few weeks and iam glad that she is hear now and keeping an
eye on with this cold and i just have been told to get back to bed i do not
have much energy now so i need to rest up for me and the baby keep me in your
prayers and baby to o need them and the love and support i have lots of work a
head of me gine me the energy to bring tyler in to the world and i want to
thank you for being his aunts and uncle i will keep you up date and see you to
night                      with love lisa 
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