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[IP] donuts

John Meim wrote:
> I know the books say that a donut has X carbs but my experience 
> has shown that each different donut seems to have its own amount 
> of carbs and they are not anywhere near each other.  

kinda like people, eh?

> Also, the best ones don't come with nutrient information provided.  
> Please don't tell me to stop eating donuts.

I would NEVER be the one to tell you to stop eating donuts!  I would tell you
to experiment (scientifically of course <wink wink>).  It is the same with
bagels - REAL bagels (not those frozen Lender ones) do NOT have the same
amount of carbs as per the ADA exchange book, or the carb counter book.  The
first time you just have to approximate what it OUGHT to be based on size,
weight, type of coating, etc.  2 hours later if you are high, you didn't take
enough insulin, so for  now you bolus, and next time you have the donut, you
will increase your insulin by whatever...if, 2 hours laster, you are low, you
over compensated and will eat some dex tabs, and next time you wont take quite
so much.  If you are dead on 2 hours later - you did good...THIS TIME.  Now to
confirm your results, you have to eat the same kind of donut, at the same time
of day, in the same phase of the mood with the same amount of insulin, with
the same site, and same bottle of insulin.  

Basically what it boils down to is that, yes, there is a scientifically EXACT
amount of insulin you OUGHT to take for every food...but very rarely are you
going to be in those exact "clean room" type of conditions where all the
variations are null and void.  It may work good this time, but next time your
site may be bad, or you may be coming down with strep.  Use your best
judgement based on prior experience, then compensate with an extra bolus or a
dex tab and get on to the next challenge.

Sara *-)=B xoxx
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