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Re: [IP] Insulin Resistance in Type 1 diabetics

First off, you KNOW that there is no stupid question -- except the one that
isn't asked -- and that there is no expert here.  However, one of the men in
my local type one group is taking Rezulin as well as the standard (ie my
horror) NPH and regular MDI regime.  It has decreased his R requirement a
bit.  Yet, I've heard his endo do a presentation for medical professionals
at the hospital and he referred to those drugs as only for Type 2's???  I
guess that it's still esperimental.  There has to be insulin present in
order for it to work, but all of us need insulin to survive, so we obviously
have insulin present.  It just so happens that we don't secrete our own.
I'm not too much help, but a bit of data....
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Date: June 21, 1998 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Insulin Resistance in Type 1 diabetics

>This may sound sound like a stupid question...
>but I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic and consider myself very insulin
>I take about 1:5 ratio insulin/carb... and that's on a good day..
>Someone told me, wow, that's as much insulin as a type 2 diabetic takes.
and then
>I wondered
>hmmm.. I wonder if the drugs they have for type 2 would help for type 1
>I know it's a different mechanism.. but just curious.. anybody know
>about that?
>I'm pretty sure I'm type 1 as I had a honeymoon period which I have never
>of occurring in type 2's..
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