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Hi fellow pumpers:

Need some of your more creative advice. 

Went to my endocrinologist at Samsun Clinic in Santa Barbara last Friday for
my routine 3 month follow-up.  He took me completely by surprise by informing
me that I was his very last appointment, and has accepted a research position
with Amgen in Thousand Oaks.  He was just the sharpest, most competent and
caring doctor I have EVER had.  Also, with a keen sense of humor and great
personality to boot.  Now what?  I have been in a state of shock and
depression since Friday.  

No only do I have the big 'D', but Addison's Disease, and these two diseases
oppose each other, and also mimic each other's symptoms.  The problem I have
always encountered until Dr. Alex DePaoli came into my life was that most
doctors, even endos don't really understand how these two diseaes interact.

My quandary:  I have been on long-term disability for nearly five years, and
on my birthday next month, I will be sent a form from the disability insurance
company to be filled out by my doctor as to my continuing disability, and even
though Dr. DePaoli referred me to a new endocrinologist, he doesn't know me
........ so how do I present this form to him?  

I've been playing this game of "what if" for three days, i.e., what if the new
doctor says, "I don't know anything about you, so I'm not signing this form".
Of course, hopefully, he will have my file, by there are no guarantees.
Thought about calling the insurance company and telling them of the situation.
Gawd!  What lousy timing!

If any of you could draw from your own experience and give me some workable
advice, I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance.


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