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Re: [IP] Question about "dawn phenomena"

James P Lyons wrote:
> I have heard alot about dawn phenomena, and I understand it...but what if 
> you aren't sleeping.  Will your body still act the same way?  I ask cause 
> I just recently started pumping and haven't yet dealt with the typical 
> "allnighter" that I deal with often at the college scene...should I 
> expect that under such conditions thats basal needs will change or no?
> (discounting the fact that there is sometimes a certain associated stress 
> level...)

It's a while since I've done an all-nighter, stayed up to watch the sun
rise, had software to be debugged by 9am, driven through the night etc
etc, but in me I'd guess the associated stress and probable
alcohol/caffeine etc would cause things to go funny in any case. So I'd
probably leave the pump running as normal (with dawn basal), test every
few hours and respond as appropriate.

Let us know what you find...

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