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[IP] bs are real good and me and baby doing real good

 hi everyone 
iam getting close and and real big my bs have been real good this am was 174
and was ok i have a head cold and i though bs would be up some but thay are
not i put my new site in my left side and doing real good went in real good bs
went down at 9:30 but was able to get up iam just real tird and carring tyler
and this head cold just 3 weeks left thank you for your love and support i
still need it and i will keep yall update and will let yall know what is
happing to me and the baby tyler kick me so hard  i had a glass of tea on my
belly ond he kick it off and got me wet he will be a blessing to and the
trails that i been though and thank you for leting me share this diabetic
pregnancy with you and the lost of lee i will keep you update 
see you later  love lisa 
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