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[IP] Glucagon production in Type 1s

John Neale wrote:
> Does anyone know if glucagon production has usually failed in us Type 1
> diabetics, as well as insulin production? I once heard that within 2
> years of diagnosis glucagon production has usually failed as well as
> insulin production, but I've never found any confirmation. It would
> explain why I had no hypos for the first few years: my body just quietly
> cancelled them out with its own glucagon. Then the auto-immune disorder
> killed the A-cells as well as the B-cells, and I start getting classic
> hypos.

I don't really know, but rather doubt it. If you had NO glucagon production
achieving any balance would be incredibly hard. Glucagon keeps you going when 
you don't have newly digested food flooding the bloodstream with glucose.
Seems like without gluagon available we'd tend to die before the next meal in 
many situations. Of curse there IS glycogen from the liver and muscles to 
support some need, but think that would be insufficient for the whole system
to be survivable.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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