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[IP] RE: Protein and Fat

Clip, clip
Darrin, you wrote,
>>  grams of CHO are counted at 100%
>> grams of FAT are counted at 50%
>> grams of PRO are counted at 10%
Your numbers are correct, but you have protein and fat switched.  Fat's
primary effect is that it slows the digestion of carbohydrates SOOOO much
that insulin gets there before the carbs do, and when the carbs hit, there
is no more insulin.  Altho I don't bolus for fat, I do avoid it if at all
possible because my digestion does NOT need to be any slower.  I limit the
protein too, so I don't bolus anything for it either.  However, the
dietician who works with my endo says that some pumpers do allow for 50% of
the protein grams.
Take care,

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