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Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

> If this information is not correct I apolgise but that leads me to ask:
> Just how do I find out what teh right ratios are?  The dietitians in my
> area haev never even heard of carb counting and my endo won't discuss it
> wiht me as the goverenment does not endorse it and prefers we use the meal
> plan system.


The Insulin Pump Therapy Book's section on protein says:

"Several sources suggest that 50 to 70 percent of protein can be
deaminated and converted to glucose under certain conditions... The
apparent effect of protein on blood glucose seems to occur some hours
after eating."

They cite various papers, which I looked up on PubMed -
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/ (I always use this site to access
medical research. It gives you the brief summary of all published
medical research supposedly - and it's free and open to everyone!)

This one seems to sum it up:

Protein and fat effects on glucose responses and insulin
requirements in subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes

Peters AL, Davidson MB

Department of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, University of
California at Los Angeles

The glucose responses (GR) and insulin requirements (IRs) were measured
by a glucose-controlled insulin infusion system for 5 h after 12
patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus consumed each of three
meals: a 1890-kJ standard meal, the standard meal with 840 kJ added
protein, and the standard meal with 840 kJ added fat. The GR to the
protein-added meal was greater (P = 0.005) than to either the standard
or fat-added meals, because of an increase in the late (last 150 min)
GR. The late IR was greater for the protein-added meal (P < 0.005). The
IR was not changed after the fat-added meal. Therefore, the addition of
protein (but not fat) energy to a meal increases both the postprandial
GR and late IR. This finding suggests that diabetic patients who inject
premeal insulin may need to increase their insulin dose when protein is
added to a meal.

PMID: 8379513, UI: 93392899

So there we are.

Given that on a pump we're in the business of actively controlling the
bg, I find this sort of info invaluable. If I have a high protein meal,
I now know to be on the look out for a rise in my bg 4 or 5 hours later.
I tend to respond to it when it happens though, rather than predicting

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