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Re: [IP] Which Pump Should I Buy???

Paula, I love the disetronic and would pick it today if I needed a new one.  I
swim alot and run alot and like the fact that it is waterproof and rugged.  If
I did not swim as much as I do, I would probably pick minimed today because I
get the feeling minimed is in total control of the U.S. market and that might
make it harder and harder for people to get help in the future. Of course the
opposite could be true too.  They might be even more responsive because they
would have fewer clients.  I have had no problem with Disetronic reps and they
have been very responsive.  I am surprised however at how many people on this
list were not even given a choice and were only introduced to minimed.  My dr.
will not even put a patient on disetronic NOW because he has been bought off(I
believe) by minimed and he has put 500-600 people on the pump.  When I asked
for one(3 years ago) he was equally pleased with whatever choice I made.  I
didn't have to think too much about it.  I looked at both tapes and the
Disetronic was the obvious choice for me.  I was swimming at that time up to 8
hours/week.  If you are very athletic, I would consider this pump.  If not, I
would stick with what you know.  I have read at this site that the minimed is
easier, but I think the Disetronic is very easy so I don't know why that would
be a problem for most people.  If you like minimed, I don't know why you are
thinking of changing.  Are you in the U.S.?  The reason I wouldn't change is
because the disetronic is so great, I don't see how any pump could be better.
It seems like people feel the same about their minimed too.  I also like the
spare pump.  If I should ever have a problem, it is nice to know I have a
spare--a security thing.  The pumps are guaranteed for up to 8 years only.  2
years, you send it in for a check up and then you get 2 more years and the
same for the second pump so that is 8 years.  I have the H-Tron V100, the Plus
may be different.  Good luck.  ellen    
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