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Re: [IP] basal testing <attn Michael> (warning! contains bg data--possibly bo...

In a message dated 6/20/98 6:04:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Pumping Insulin
 implies that you should start with the nighttime baseless, then the early day
 ones and then the late day ones.  Just curious, not trying to criticize....I
 don't see that it really matters one way or the other.
   >>  I know you asked this of Michael,but.....
I usually recommend basal testing based on similar guidelines.  The first
basal rate of the day starts at 12 midnight on both pumps.  Most people are
asleep in that time frame, so it only makes sense to start there to avoid
nocturnal hypos and to catch the dawn phenomenon, if there is one.  Basal rate
changes are usually made 1 or 2 hours  (for most people, depending on type of
insulin being used) before any rise or fall  of BG, and are made in increments
of 0.1 unit up or down.   The details are also in Pumping Insulin.  I find
that it helps to graph those basal tests to see the results (visual learner).
If the basal rate is correct, your BG should be fluctuating within your target
range.  I won;t get anymore detailed here, as the infor on how to do this is
available.  I recommend all my patients get this book so that we are "both on
the same page" when making adjustments.

Barbara B.
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