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Re: [IP] Pump Name

At 06/20/1998 - 11:24 AM Ted Quick wrote:
>Sure, I call mine Jean. Just like it's namesake, it has a tuibe connected
>to my belly carrying necessary fluid into my body...... <G>

I would have sworn that it was called U.M. Billical...

> Or, am I the only crazy
>> one in the group (don't answer that one). 
>Of course you aren't. EVERYBODY'S a little but crazy: shown me a "normal"
>person that isn't.

But some of us are a bit crazier than others... and as Einstein said, it's
all relative. (And if you'd seen some of my relatives, you'd know why).

(Who's BG levels are right on target today, and is feeling really mellow)

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