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Re: [IP] 19 years today

>  I've never
> really fasted much and am intimidated by the concept.  So, like you,
> Janine, I credit this list with my becoming a successful pumper. 
> I'm so happy that you have broken the pattern of denial and
> avoidance.  Keep up the good work!

Don't try to do the testing all at once. Skip one meal and begin 5 
hours after the last insulin bolus or food. Test until the next meal 
time every hour except at night, do that every two hours and repeat a 
couple of days later on the alternate hour.  Only fast/test every 2nd 
or 3rd day and then only if your bg's have been reasonable (no 
crashes, no super highs the previous day). The process can take a 
couple of weeks easily but there is no rush. Adjust your basals as 
you go. The graphic tool on the HOWTO page can help you do this.
Always start by skipping dinner (eat a light meal at 2:00-3:00pm or 
so) and make sure your sleep period is stable. Pumping Insulin says 
25 points up or down, but this is too tight for many people. If your 
bg's stay within 50 pts, it's probably adequate as long as your not 
low or spilling glucose into your urine.

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