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[IP] Having Trouble Seeing the Test Strip To Get the Drop of Blood On??

Even with my reading glasses, I was having trouble seeing the exact spot on
the strip and then getting my finger maneuvered correctly to cover the spot on
the strip.  Don't know if anyone is interested, but I got a box of "Disposable
Fine Tip Transfer Pipet."  They are made by Lifescan, but I got them through a
diabetic supply store.

THey are plastic and disposable and look like a very tiny turkey baster.  You
still have to get the same size drop of blood, but you squeeze the one end of
the pipet and suck in the blood through this tube.  You can then dispense it
on the strip, like you were using an eye dropper.  THey've made it easier for
me to get a good drop on blood on the strip.

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