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Re: [IP] Good News


Looks like it is the day for kudos!!  Congratulations!  But I'll admit to my
earlier A1c's.  I once had one that was 14.something!!  I got it down to 9 or
so with MDI and had one once that was 7.4 but since going on the pump, they
have all been 6.somethings!!  Your 5.9 is really remarkable!  Good job!!


<< I'd like to thank the academy....the insulin pumpers group...Barbara the
 cyber nurse, my CDE, my dietitian and.....last but not least...MYSELF!!!
 (For working my butt off).
 I'm ashamed to admit I have seen A1c's in the double digits in the past
 (too embarrassed to reveal the exact numbers).  My pre-pump A1c was 8.1 
 What a pleasant surprise to get a 5.9.  Feel like I got an A+ on my
 final exam. >>
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