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Re: [IP] 19 years today


YAHOO!!  (and I don't mean the search engine!!)  I'm literally cheering right
now.  I'm so glad you made it over your yearly hurdle without the binge!!  

Obviously, this list has helped many of us substantially (re: Tonya's recent
post about her doctor's visit!).  I know that I have learned an incredible
amount from everyone here and have begun to "push" my doc instead of letting
him "pull" me.

I'm going through the somewhat trying and tedious process of testing basal
rates right now for the first time ever.  When I started on the pump, we just
sort of guessed (albeit an educated guess) at a rate and, lo and behold, it
worked!  I never had to do much adjusting.  But now, I think it is time.  The
point I'm trying to get to, is that it really helps to have this support and
to know that others have successfully done the same things.  I've never really
fasted much and am intimidated by the concept.  So, like you, Janine, I credit
this list with my becoming a successful pumper.  I'm so happy that you have
broken the pattern of denial and avoidance.  Keep up the good work!


<< This is a very strange anniversary for me, because it is the first one
 since I have started to take care of myself.  I joined this list at the end
 of December and have done at least 3 blood sugars everyday since the
 beginning of January.  This is by far the longest I have ever managed to do
 this.  My HbA1c has decreased from 8.9, where it has always been, to 7.7,
 which I know is not great but it is going d-o-w-n.  And after all these
 years ignoring diabetes, I just got another clean bill of health from my
 opthamologist, which leaves me with no complications (so far...).
 This is the first year I haven't stuffed my face and thought about
 everything I have lost and how miserable life is.  Instead of feeling like
 I have suffered for 19 years, I feel like I have fought many demons and
 have come out ahead and know that I can keep doing so.  All this positive
 thinking (HA!) is making me dizzy.
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