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RE: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

Ellen, I mixed my insulins...V/H 2:1...backwards from most, but it works for me...I discussed it with my Endo and he asked me why and we discussed it...He just told me to keep him informed of the changes that I make...but that's ok....he's a gem.....I'm sorry for you..I had "one of those" before who told me that it would be the sorriest day of my life when I asked for a pump.....NOT...
so glad that I didn't listen.  I have found that most of the time your gut instincts are right..I'm glad that I listened to mine...you hang in there!!!!

I ran into my dr. somewhere and mentioned the H/V mix or the switch to
straight V.  He said "go ahead, try it.  i'll see you in the ER."  JERK.  I
said I know I will have to alter my basal rate and I would like him to help
me.  He won't.  JERK.  Does anyone get help from their dr. with any of this or
do you just have to go it alone?  ellen
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