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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

     Hmmmm....sounds like your doctor's "inflated ego" is encroaching on his
brain cells....Judging by the many, many tales I've read from this group, if
everyone had followed their doctors' "expert" advice regarding diabetes
management, there would be even MORE horror sagas to share....The PRIMARY
power of the Internet is that you have access to dozens of actual "pumpers"
who ARE successfully pumping "cocktail mixtures"......not to mention the
sharing of ideas about site problems, taping issues, food reactions,
etc...When a newly-pumping (non-IP member)12 yr old had "air bubble" problems
& I asked this group to assist her, her grateful mom received lots of help &
the problem was resolved...This is the same child whose mother had to FIGHT to
convince the Joslin facility in Boston to "allow" her child to start
       Remember: KNOWLEDGE is POWER..and I repeat what I've theorized
previously here: unless a physician's ego is "intact", he's going to have a
"problem" with newly "empowered & knowledgeable" patients telling HIM what
they've "learned" ....I've given Melissa's endocrinologist (not pediatric by
the way) & my own oncologist lots of "input"...and, at a minimum, what I
expect in return is a credible explanation of WHY they might be uncomfortable
with what I've "learned"....than at least I can decide from a better-informed
       Lastly, I've learned A LOT from my "dual disease dance" - egos
notwithstanding, many doctors' dictates are predicated upon "ease of
compliance". When I asked my oncologist why I was taking 20 mgs of Tamoxifen
all at once, when dozens of women from the Breast Cancer board had written me
that they split their daily dosage & found the side effects more tolerable,
his response was "hey if it works for you - go for it- We doctors tend to
prescribe that to increase compliance, but if you can remember to take the 2nd
pill - why not???"
    OK - before I hop off the soap box once again, unless you want to start
from scratch with a new doctor, try making your relationship with your current
docs into more of a "partnership.".....This particular one, though, seems to
be beyond "rehabilitation"!!!! LOL

Regards, Renee
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