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Re: [IP] Basal rate change

At 06/19/1998 - 09:41 PM Frank W. Tegethoff, jr. wrote:
>Hi Sam,
>There are a couple of things goig on here.  Firstly, remember that the
pump is going to give you MUCH more efficient delivery of insulin.  So,
your 1st week basals might just have been too agressive.  Your second week
basals may be more realistic. I continued to adjust basals for the 1st
month and now things are great!

Except, the gist of what I said was that I need more basal insulin this
week than last week... about 50% more. We actually started out very
conservative and then was forced to drop the dose quite a bit due to hypos.
This week I've been forced to increase my basals and have easily exceeded
all the orginal basal amounts.

So far, I think Barbara's explanation makes the most sense. She thinks I
still had some residual NPH leeching out last week... this week I'm totally
on H, so my basal needs have increased.


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