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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

At 06/19/1998 - 12:21 PM Michael wrote:
>> Does anyone get help from their dr. with any of this or
>> do you just have to go it alone?  ellen
>Well, Lily's is willing to help - but it is really kind of hard for 
>them to be useful.

In my very brief pumping experience I've found that many doctor's can't
provide the answers, either because they've never been really trained on
the pump or they're more concerned about protecting their backsides.
They're also really hard to get a hold of. I know that when I called in
last week (being good, like I was told to do)... I'd get a reply 6 or 7
hours later. And then (even though I'd faxed my log to them), I had to
verbally explain all the readings that I'd just sent them, and make
suggestions as to what I thought we ought to do next. So, I figured if this
was what was going to happen, then I might as well just figure it out on my


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