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Re: [IP] Valerieeee


Gee you're funny. Don't worry - those anaesthetics tend to dampen the spirit a
lttle. Leastways you didn't let anything slip that made the Ottawa (Canada)

 You should learn the song. I think you could pull it off. On the otherhand,
from the time I was first exposed to it in elementary school, I have never yet
have survived the refrain without bursting out into laughter...

> Celia wrote:
> > currently with "a lap-top on my ribs" (quoted so that I can imagine (at
> least) Sara singing that "Valerieeee Valerah-ha-ha-ha-haaah-ha-ha" song!)),

> Sara wrote:
> HUH?   when did i sing that - while i was under anesthesia?  what else did I
> say?  It is a documented and recorded fact that I do, in fact sing in my
> sleep.  But I am not recalling this song

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