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[IP] A comment & a question...

Hey all,
    Went to the dr. today to talk about my upcoming surgery (July 10th,
they moved it back).  I went in with my sugars, basals, boluses...in
hand.  He asked me how it was doing and I went off talking about site
changes and set changes and carb counting and basal rates and boluses
and activity levels, etc...... I looked up and he had this huge grin on
his face.  I asked him what was so amusing and he responds, "Where did
you learn all this?"  I gave the credit to the group here...He said he
was so impressed.  It was pretty cool!  My question is:  I want to give
him the info. for the list for the dr.s...I did see one mentioned once,
right?!?  He said he would be interested.  Someone remind me please!  I
keep impressing people - I love it!   I'll have #6 in the low bs saga
soon, I haven't forgotten!   -Tonya D.   :-)

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