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Re: [IP] minimed no delivery alarm when bolusing through a basal delivery

I had something similar happen to me that happened to Melissa.  Last night
(June 18th) I thought I was dreaming that my pump alarm was going off and I
stopped the alarm - checked display and it said "No Delivery" - checked
reservoir and it was empty.  I put pump on "suspend".  Since I thought I was
dreaming I just went back to sleep.  I woke up about an hour and 15 min. later
- went to bathroom and then checked bg level.  It was 258.  First thought was
"How did this happen?"  I checked reservoir and sure enough it was empty.  

I guess I wasn't dreaming earlier in the night.  I really did do all that I
thought was a dream. 

I didn't think that this was possible - but it really did happen.

All day I have been working to get my bgs down to target range (70 to 140).
They are finally there.

Just thought this might help figure out what happened with Melissa.

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