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Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

>> grams of CHO are counted at 100%
>> grams of FAT are counted at 50%
>> grams of PRO are counted at 10%
>> The problem is that the fat will not be converted until several hours after
>> eating.  As far as the protein; most ignore it as it has minimal effect on
>> bg and the error range of counting carbs is usually well over 10%.
>Where did you get this info? I've never heard that fat can be converted
>into blood glucose in proportion to the amount consumed.
>For me, the protein comes in at much more than 10%, if it's eaten in
>large quantities, like an enormous steak. The effect is perhaps 5 hours
>later, as the liver converts the surplus amino acids into glucose and
>releases it into the blood stream. This is usually the reason for a big
>night-time high, after a large meal.


I have read the above information once on the web, although i can't locate
the site right now, and also from several different people in

If this information is not correct I apolgise but that leads me to ask:
Just how do I find out what teh right ratios are?  The dietitians in my
area haev never even heard of carb counting and my endo won't discuss it
wiht me as the goverenment does not endorse it and prefers we use the meal
plan system.

Darrin Parker
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