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Re: [IP] Time for an overhaul?

Mary Jean, I know you wrote this awhile ago, but I'm just getting to it.  Yes,
I have sudden changes with everything due to exercise.  Normally, I exercise
every other day.  I do about 3 hours of intense exercise on these days so it
affects my bg dramatically.  I have my basal rates adjusted appropriately but
they usually drop around 3 pm on the day I exercise and the day after.  I have
to eat a snack or I will have a low bg by 5pm.  If I skip exercising one day,
then the second day after exercise my bg will go high.  I was on vacation a
few weeks ago and I did alot of walking, but I had to increase my basal rate
by 0.1 around the clock. I have to do intense exercise for my bg to be
affected.  If I exercise alot, the next morning my bg will be low.  I eat a
nitebite before I go to bed on those nights and I am still low sometimes.  I
won't be low on the next morning when I don't exercise as much, but I will
still be low after lunch that day.  I usually eat lunch without covering the
carbs if I don't want a snack that afternoon.  Does this sound confusing.
Well, it is to me too.  But anyway, maybe your lows were caused by your
increased exercise.  It is a hard thing to figure out.  Good luck.  ellen  
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