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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

> I ran into my dr. somewhere and mentioned the H/V mix or the switch to
> straight V.  He said "go ahead, try it.  i'll see you in the ER."  JERK.  I
> said I know I will have to alter my basal rate and I would like him to help
> me.  He won't.  JERK.  Does anyone get help from their dr. with any of this or
> do you just have to go it alone?  ellen

Well, Lily's is willing to help - but it is really kind of hard for 
them to be useful.

Try reading the HOWTO's on the website. The go into procedures fairly 
completely and there is even a graphic tool there to help you tweek 
your basals without having to do a bunch of calculations. 

There is a lot to read, so read it first then do the adjustments.

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