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Re: [IP] Protein and Fat????

> When carb counting:
> grams of CHO are counted at 100%
> grams of FAT are counted at 50%
> grams of PRO are counted at 10%
> The problem is that the fat will not be converted until several hours after
> eating.  As far as the protein; most ignore it as it has minimal effect on
> bg and the error range of counting carbs is usually well over 10%.


Where did you get this info? I've never heard that fat can be converted
into blood glucose in proportion to the amount consumed.

For me, the protein comes in at much more than 10%, if it's eaten in
large quantities, like an enormous steak. The effect is perhaps 5 hours
later, as the liver converts the surplus amino acids into glucose and
releases it into the blood stream. This is usually the reason for a big
night-time high, after a large meal.


I pretty shocking that dieticians DON'T tell you about the effects of
protein on your bg, because it is well established. Either they don't
know, or they think you couldn't POSSIBLY use this very complex
information... The answer may be that pumpers now have the ability to
realistically respond to things like this, and so should be educated
much more fully, which is what we do here by self-help. QED.

On the pizza front, I've given them up! Never really liked them. They
were just convenient. Julia comments that I am usually in a funny mood
after a pizza meal out. That's presumably because my bg's are all over
the place. My digestion just doesn't seem regular enough to make
sensible use of square waves and delayed boluses etc. The other trouble
with pizzas is that for me, above all foods, they are the hardest to
guess the carb content of. You never know how thick the dough is in the
middle, and it's hard to guess by sight. Perhaps I could go in the
restaurant kitchen and ask the chef to weigh the ball of dough before he
spins it... on second thoughts, perhaps I'll just have the pasta.

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