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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm when bolusing through a basal delivery

>      I have had this happen twice with my MiniMed 507. Actually, it wasn't 
>      until you brought this up that I realized what had happened to me. I 
>      double checked to see how much insulin had been delivered from my 
>      bolus and then bolused the remainder. Since this did not create a 
>      problem, I thought well, must be some little pump glitch.

The Minimed507 spaces out the 0.1 unit squirts of insulin: when you're
bolusing they come every 3 or 4 seconds. This presumably allows each
squirt to get through, and for the pressure in the elastic system to
drop back to zero again.

If your infusion set is partially blocked, but not yet enough to trigger
a "No Delivery", then if you follow one squirt immediately with another,
without waiting for the short time delay, I can see that a No Delivery
could well be triggered.

Really it's a minor flaw in the software, that it doesn't queue all the
squirts properly, and execute them all in a strictly timed manner.

Perhaps the bug has been fixed in the 507c?

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