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Re: [IP] minimed no delivery alarm when bolusing

> Just wanted to put my two cents on the subject of the alarm going off on the
> no delivery.  Ryan is going on a year in July and have had the pump go off
> three time with a no delivery.  The minimed people feel there is no problem.
> Ryan has somehow dreamed this.  We really didn't hear that alarm.  LOL  I feel
> it was an air pocket or perhaps a clog in the tubing?
Many time a no delivery alarm can be caused by scrunching the tube 
under the elastic of shorts, swimsuit or a belt and then sitting or 
further wrinkling the tube by crushing the already tight spot with 
your body (the wrinkles when you sit) or just pulling the clothing 
extremely tight. I know my daughter has done this quite a few times 
and I've seen her 'sit up straight' and move the tube a little, then 
continue the bolus with no further problems.

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