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Re: [IP] Which Pump Should I Buty???

At 06/19/1998 - 02:13 PM James P Lyons wrote:
>I also like the easy "look and see" ability when checking how much 
>insulin remains in the cartaige....again not a BIG deal, just something I

>find convinent.

The MiniMed 507 also has a window that shows how much insulin remains...
the reservoir also has markings on it which let you easily gauge how much
you've used.

>In the end thats what it comes down to.  convienences.

I don't think its convenience as much as just personal preferences. I
suspect that both pumps work equally well on all basic functions. The
differences boil down to which type you and your MD/CDE feel most
comfortable with (starting pumping is a joint effort, after all).
Convenience is both personal and a lifestyle thing. As an example, I'm not
into water-sports, so total waterproofness in a non-issue (if I really
wanted to take a dip, I'd just disconnect for a little bit). And, since the
MiniMed rep was much more responsive than the Disetronics rep (never heard
from them at all) and I liked the way the MiniMed looked (yes that counts
too), I went that way. 

(Just starting life with Minnie)

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