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Re: [IP] Horror lows

I have to say that the hypo humor is not that funny to me, especially the ones
in the automobiles.  I hate to sound like I lack humor, but I have worked hard
to make sure my bg is never low when I am driving.  I have carpooled children
for a lot of years now and would hate to think anyone would not trust me with
their child because I am diabetic.  I had a most frightening experience when I
was 15.  I did not have my licence and rode to school with my brother (16).
He had a car that did not need a key to start.  It was lunchtime and I had
gone to get my tray and proceeded out the door to the parking lot.  I got in
the car and took off.  I totally blacked out because I do not remember
anything that happened after that except when I regained consciousness, I was
coming out of a residential area.  There was a majik mart or the like, across
the street so I pulled in and bought the twinkies at the counter.  I could not
keep my eyes from spinning around in my head.  I opened up the twinkies and
stuffed the whole thing in my mouth.  I guess the woman thought I was on
drugs.  She didn't say anything, but it was the 1960's.  I went back to school
and went home that afternoon terrified.  I didn't tell my parents, but I
remember looking in the paper the next morning to see if anyone had been
killed or injured in that neighborhood.  Thankfully, there had not been an
incident.  This event scared the you know what out of me and I vowed that day
to never have another low BG, which I didn't for about 3 years.  Actually, I
do have a good sense of humor (it's a must to be a happy diabetic), but NOT
when it comes to low BG.  It can be a very frightening and dangerous
experience.  ellen    
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