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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C

At 06/19/1998 - 08:12 AM email @ redacted wrote:
>Sue,  I agree with you about disetronic and nothing new.  However,
>to all this stuff from the minimed people about false alarms and no
>and not being able to hear it and the bulky sport guard, I'm glad I have

There are a few factors here... there are many more MiniMed users in the US
than users of Disetronics, therefore even if the problem rate were less for
the MiniMed, the odds are that you'd hear more problems from US MiniMed
users (just because of the greater numbers). The alarm thing (not being
able to hear it) is not totally a MiniMed problem... it's a hearing problem
that some of us have. I'd probably have the same concern with a Disetronic
unless they have some special accommodation for the hard of hearing. A lot
of us have no need for the sport-guard, so its not necessarily a problem.
Unless you are strongly into water-sports, I don't see any disadvantages.
The MiniMed is "water-resistant"... so getting splashed with water may not
be a disaster. I've heard of people dropping theirs in the water and after
retrieving, it was still functioning just fine.

>I have had only one problem with the Disetronic, when I first got
>it, which was quickly resolved and have had no problems since.  It sounds
>minimed needs to send the second pump more than disetronic.  Perhaps I
>misjudged minimed.  Has anyone out there that has been on the pump for at
>least a couple of years never had a problem with minimed?  I am just

I'll bet that are many people who've had virtually no problems... after
all, people who don't have problems rarely write just about their great
experiences. So what you see here is pretty skewed toward those that are
having problems and are looking for solutions.


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