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[IP] Basal rate change

I have a question about basal rates for a new pumper. I'm finishing my
second week on the pump using only H. I'd been on MDI with R & NPH before.
Last week we kept dropping my basals because I would keep going into hypo
all the time. By the end of the week I was taking less than 50% of the NPH
that I used to take before. This week things have flip-flopped. I've been
high a lot of the time. The basals have now been increased so that they are
about 75% of what I was taking with NPH. This more closely matches what I
was told to expect before I started pumping. [It's not site problems...
because 1). changing sites made no difference and 2). adding extra boluses
always brought my BGs down].

My question is whether this experience is common? My theory is that for
some unknown reason, I was hyper-sensitive to H the first week. Now that my
body is used to it, I'm going back up to my "normal" levels. Is this
possible? Or, will I go through cyclical changes up & down the way I did
when I was on MDI?

I don't recall reading about this anywhere... any feedback would be greatly


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