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Re: [IP] Which Pump Should I Buty???

>wonder why the Disentronic has two pumps?  I know the obvious answer is in
>case there is a problem but are they in fact building in a limited life
>span and only using the two pump system as a teaser for those buying.
>Also, someone told me that each Disetronic has an internal clock which
>starts counting down to zero from two years

Paula - My 9yo daughter Stephanie started with a Disetronic in March of 98,
and we've had no problems with it at all. It has proven to be very durable,
and is waterproof, which are two big plusses for us. Disetronic is required
to sell pumps in pairs in Europe (where they are based) and sells them in
pairs in the US because folks seem to like the security of having a second
pump on hand (so says my D rep). There is an internal clock set for two
years, at which point the pump needs to be sent back for factory inspections
and servicing if needed as determined by the inspector. The pump does shut
off after the two years, but there are lots of warning messages, so you have
plenty of lead time to switch to your other pump. The pump is returned to
you after the warranty check, and from what I've heard, keeps on ticking for
"quite some time" after that point. All of the service inspections, etc. are
done at no cost to the pumper.

All that said, I've heard that the programming of the Mini-med and the
Disetronic vary significantly. Because you are already familiar with the
Minimed, it may make more sense to stick with them...is there any way to get
your hands on the latest version of each so you can easily compare their

Good luck!


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