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[IP] morning high

Darrin wrote:

> Could anyone with a pronounced Dawn Phenomenon please relate their
> methodology for controling it with teh pump?

> I suspect you program an increased basal for XXX hour in the am.


I think the morning problem is the ONLY one I have resolved with any
noticeable success.  My morning sugars are just about the only ones that are
consistently "in the zone" - but NOT ALWAYS - yoda knows I aint perfect.

Thanks to the way nature made us, our bodies dump hormones and sugars and 
"stuff" into the blood around 3am or so, so that as the sun rises, so does
your sugar, and your body gets ready to wake up and work, and this is why we
have those so-called "unexplained" highs.

Nature dictated that we rise with the sun - maybe so we aren't still sleeping
when all the other carnivores wake up hungry...whatever. I have been a
theatre/night owl person for the last 15 years, and my day starts later and
goes later than normal people, so maybe my body's circadian rhthyms have
adapted to this. Since I am a freak of nature, I tend to go low, rather than
high,between 4 and 5 am, and then have my morning "wake up call" from nature
between 8-9am.  

So any how, from 12 midnight to 300am, my basal is .7.  From 3:00am to 700am,
it is .6 and from 7am to noon it is .8.  The rest of the day it varies between
.6 and .8, and ALL these numbers go up a bit during "THAT" week.  Like I said,
the only reading I am fairly consistent on is the morning one I do when I get
up at 8:45 - usually 110-150 - which makka me veddy happy camper!!

Getting the kinks ironed out takes a while..I got alot of hypos before I
realized i NEEDED to lower my early am basal rate...otherwise my body is
racting not to natures call, but my liver is reacting to the low and dumping
in that stored glycagen or whatever its called.  i had a doctor try to solve
my morning highs by giving me more NPH...everyday more and more NPH, and still
highin the am.  Until the day the nurse screwed up and gave me 12 instead of
21...and viola - I woke up perfect...

*-)=B xoxx
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