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RE: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

> When Lily switched back to 'V' to get her basals sorted out after a
> big adolescent metabolic shift, she was quite unhappy with having to
> bolus up to an hour before a meal.

I have to admit I'm puzzled as to why you changed to "V" for the basal
adjusting.  Why couldn't you just continue to use the H/V mix?  I would
think you'd need to retweak again anyway when switching back to the
cocktail -- I know I respond differently to H than R/V in the pump, not just
in terms of time curve but also usage (my total basal rates are lower on H,
not just shifted)

Incidentally, I switched from H back to R this week to see if I could get
myself under tighter control without having to change sets so often.  This
was a VERY short-lived experiment -- within 2 days I decided I HATED pumping
R!  Back to H -- if I have to change infusion sets every 2 days instead of
every 4, so be it, to me it's worth the tradeoff...

(My doctor and I discussed the cocktail idea, and decided against it for
now.  We're going to wait and see if any "real" data comes along about the
effects of mixing the insulins like that.  For now it just seems TOO
experimental to us...)

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