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[IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga

> If you view "convenience" of bolusing when you eat as the *primary*
> advantage / reason for pumping, I can see your point.

When Lily switched back to 'V' to get her basals sorted out after a 
big adolescent metabolic shift, she was quite unhappy with having to 
bolus up to an hour before a meal. She likes to graze and maybe not 
eat all of a meal or have/not have dessert, etc.. just like the rest 
of the family.  She COULDN'T WAIT to get back to her H/V mix. The 
other problem she encountered was lots of post-prandial highs that 
would come down by themselves after 4 hours or so. She much prefers 
correcting a high upon discovery. She feels better and can maintain 
her active (sports) lifestyle more easily with the fast acting 
insulin. She actually took to doing injections of H to improve her 
short term stability while she was using V in the pump. Fortunately 
after 3 weeks or so on V her adolescent shift stabalized (again) and 
she has gone back to her 5/1 mix.

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