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Re: [IP] Methodology: Using pump to control Dawn Phenomenon

> >Could anyone with a pronounced Dawn Phenomenon please relate their
> >methodology for controling it with teh pump?

There is also a 'go to sleep' phenomena for adolescents

Lily's basals
midnight 0.4
1:00am 1.7
4:30am 0.9
11:30am 0.4

even with this her 2:00 am bg may vary from 100 to 160, once in a 
while higher. Waking is typically 120 to 150. An extra tenth of a 
unit on either night time basal occasionally puts her over the edge 
and results in very low bg's. Above basals are 'about right' and have 
been stable for several months now. She used to have a flatter night 
time basal + dawn phenomena but since this shift, the dawn has gone 

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